Wildflower - Wild or Uncultivated flowering plant

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Published: 28th February 2011
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Wildflower - Wild or Uncultivated flowering plant

The wild flower is the flower that grows wild. It is the flower plant that grows unintentionally without any cultivation or planting.

The term wild flower has been made vague by the commercial seeds-mans those who are selling the flowers or seeds more expensively. The term implies that the plant is neither a hybrid nor a selected one for cultivation, and growing in the region where it would not naturally.

Wild flowers gardening are of special interest to the flower lovers. There are many species of wildflowers that are beautiful, fragrant and colorful. These can be grown in gardens, which is the growing trend now-a-days.

Types of Wild Flowers:

There are varieties of wild flowers available that grow unintentionally. Now-a-days people are inspired of growing the wild flower gardens in their available spaces. The list of few wild flowers is given below:

Adonis aestivalis

Coreopsis tinctoria

Dianthus barbatus

Centaurea cyanus

Digitalis purpurea

Gypsophila elegans

More than 20,000 species of wild flowers grow in America. The beauty of some of the wild flower plants make them popular for gardens as well. The wild flowers that are opted for gardens are

African daisy:

African daisy is the wild flower that originally grew in South Africa, hence named African daisy. Now the flower is very commonly grown in the many different regions. It is an annual plant blooming with white, yellow and orange flowers throughout the spring. African daisy grows well in the soil that is excellent in drainage capability and direct sunlight.

Iceland Poppy

It is a perennial wild flower that yields pink, yellow, orange and red sweet-smelling flowers. These wild flowers typically spread across open spaces and bloom anytime from early spring to late summer.

Desert Marigold

Dessert marigold blooms from early spring till early winter adding a bright yellow splash to the scenery. Marigold is the perennial flower. It grows up-to 30 inches in height and yields round yellow flowers and hairy leaves. As it grows in the desert regions, the hairy leaves are to protect the plant from the harsh ultra violet sun rays. Plant produces tan-colored seeds that are daintiness for the birds in the area in autumn.

Morning Glory

Morning glory is available in around 1000 varieties. This wild flower is basically from tropical region of America. It is also commonly found in Asia. The different plants of morning-glory produce different flowers, leaves and fruits. The flowers are available in red, blue, white, purple and yellow colors. These plants usually require full sunlight. The morning-glory flowers are around 4 inches in diameter; however, some may be about 8 inches.

Wild flower gardens do not require regular watering and care like traditional flower gardens. Due to the beauty and low maintenance requirement of the wild flowers, more people are turning towards growing wild flower gardens. The wild flower gardens do not require much maintenance and care, rather, it can be fun for the family.

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